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Todays Flavors


SS#5 Raspberry

This session style is semisweet. 

Fresh raspberry aroma

Clean refreshing raspberry on the palate with a slightly tart finish

Best enjoyed chilled.                                         ABV: 7%

Helltown Lemonade

A semi sweet lemon capsicumel.

Notes of citrus, melon, and stone fruit on the nose.

Citrus on then pallet is quickly overtaken by the mid pallet heat. Finish is fairly quick with the heat dissipating just fast enough to make you want another sip.

                                                                        ABV: 11%



A semi-sweet Cranberry melomel.

Cranberry on the nose.

Sweet and tart cranberry on the palate.

Best enjoyed at room temperature.

                                                                        ABV: 13.2%

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