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3 Brothers from Alaska...


We come from a large family, in the largest state. No, not Texas. ;) Creativity, Family, Traditions, Faith. These are things that have helped shape who we are today.

Isaac, Adam, Ian Rushing 2.jpg
Isaac, Adam, Ian Rushing 2.jpg


When we first opened our doors in April of 2020, we were out of the gate with 5 flavors. 4 of those were sessions, and then our full bodied Back Trails blueberry mead. Since then we've released over 30 flavors, and will continue to push the boundaries of your taste buds, with our honey wine.

Mission Statement

To offer the highest quality locally sourced products, served in a casual environment with the guests experience and pleasure being paramount to all.  Supporting our staff with knowledge through training and experience, we hope to make everyone’s visit a visit worth recommending and repeating.  A family focused environment, that maintains cleanliness while we deliver the highest quality mead possible and continually push the boundaries of possibility. The driving force behind establishing the Honey & Hops Brew Works brand is a vision of quality delivered with our personality.  

H&H 2021 Fall Shoot-4.jpg
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