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About us.
About mead.

What is mead?

It's been quickly gaining popularity. But what is it? At the core it is wine, fermented with honey instead of grapes or other sugars.

Mead, like wine, can have many different characteristics. Its characteristics can be:

Sweet. Dry. Fruit. Tannins. Oak. Spice.

You name it. There's pretty much a mead for anyone. And just because you tried it at a RenFest once and didn't like it, doesn't mean you shouldn't give it another try! :)

When we first opened we were out of the gate with 5 flavors. 4 of those were sessions, and then our full bodied Back trails blueberry mead.Since then we've launched several more new flavors, and will continue to push the boundaries of your taste buds, with our honey wine.


Getting started

Crowdfunding campaign was a success!

Thank you to everyone who helped us launch, and has visited us since we've opened. We can now offer wine tastings in our beautiful tasting room, and starting July 1st 2020, we'll be able to sell you mead by the glass!

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